My arms are lonely

Looking for comfort

In all the wrong places.

Searching for a glance

But it slowly flitters away.

I should know by now

That you do not need me

As I need you

I am an afterthought

You are my firstthought.

I am becoming invisible

My happiness discarded

I cannot share myself with you

Since you will never comprehend

All the thorns that continue

Bleeding inside me

And yet my heart

keeps finding new ways to love you.

I cannot stop

No matter how hard I try

So, my heart brokenly

Picks up the shards.

For as long as you are near

I am unfamiliar to myself.

My silence is the quiet

Before the storm

But why do we have to fill every silence?

Silence is being at peace

With your thoughts

But I am constantly

At war with them.

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