Meeting Your Emotions

Even if the whole world is within reach, we still can’t find it in ourselves to be happy. Why? Maybe it is because the world may be what we are told to desire but in reality, our hearts desire something else altogether. Something we don’t even stop to think about. We ignore the anguish of our hearts and instead focus on being someone we are not.

We are lost in the ocean of this world

And many of us are drowning.

We strive for something, work so hard for it, want it beyond anything else but when we finally get it, we’re not completely happy. Maybe a pinch of happiness enters your heart but it soon leaves. So then, you move on to something else. Perhaps we should stop, be with ourselves, and just feel. Feel all our emotions.

The whole world stopped.

I couldn’t get to you

Fast enough.

The problem is we have lost touch with ourselves. We have lost the art of emotion. We are told that emotions make you weak. That you shouldn’t show anyone your tears. How ridiculous that the one thing that makes us human, we are told not to feel. And then we wonder how people around the world commit such inhumane acts.

All it takes is one thing that completely destroys you to make you feel again but once that happens, you don’t know where to direct your emotions. You don’t even know what to do with yourself. Because you’ve never met sadness.

This is the first time

I have had the pleasure of meeting


We are so scared of being lonely that we forget how to be alone with ourselves. We have surrounded ourselves with so many people which is why we cannot even begin to feel what is inside us. And when you cannot even feel yourself, how will you deal with all the things that are causing you pain? Pain that you constantly ignore.

Why do we give value to things that don’t matter and ignore the things that have the uttermost importance?

Take a moment with yourself. Feel the breaths that you take. Explore all the emotions that are running through your body. But most of all, feel. Even if you begin to feel everything, not just your emotions, but the emotions of others. Welcome them into your heart as guests. Because just as soon as they enter your heart, they will leave.

I welcome you

With open arms

And an open heart,

Oh guest of my heart.  

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