Look Inside Yourself

In every moment, there is uncertainty.

a fear of the unknown leaps into my chest

whilst I am cradling resentment.

living in a world of pretence,

I wander aimlessly

searching for serenity.

Sometimes, if you listen hard enough, you can hear your soul, screaming out in anguish. For it cannot bear all that has been afflicted on it. It is the sound of our soul that we try so hard to suppress yet it proves to be impossible time and time again. For the sake of simple moments of oblivion, we forget the everlasting nature of our soul.

how am I supposed to carry the burden

of this world

and all its emotions?

There are so many emotions wound up inside us, many of which we are unable to face, several which we disregard, and most have lost themselves in the ocean of ignorance. There are people whom we begin to resent due to the negative feelings they cause to brew inside us. But what if all the emotions that you are associating with that person are merely emotions which were already a part of you, just enhanced by the presence of this person. So, it is not the person that is the problem, it is you.

I stand in solitude

burning in the fire

of my own heart.

 It is so easy to blame somebody else for everything that life tosses at us but it is so hard to glance inside our souls and see where all the anguish lies. Can you not see that you are only destroying the peace of your own heart?

If only we could look at everyone through the lens of love. But we are too busy finding faults where there are none, too busy searching the souls of others, never looking inside ourselves. It is a strange world we live in, where the meaning of happiness is warped yet we are all chasing after it.

Go in search of happiness

And tell me

When you find it.

The feelings we carry inside of us towards other people come from deep inside, a place which cannot be touched except by emotion. Negative or positive, all emotions come from us. We should think long and hard before we let these emotions take over our lives. We should ponder upon ourselves before we even begin to hold things against other people. We should not distance ourselves or loved ones from those incurring negative feelings. Instead, we should look deep inside ourselves for peace and tranquillity and pray that God softens our hearts towards ourselves first and foremost and then towards others.

I have learnt

What life is

Through all the noise

Of this world.

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