It is beyond my fragile soul

To carry the burdens of this world.

Too much pain hides in the confines of my heart,

An ache that has no reason

But still exists.


I keep coming back

To the realisation

That I have no one

Except God.


How beautiful is it

To know, with all your heart

That you have God

And anyone who has God

Is in no need of anyone else.


But still, I find myself lost

Somewhere between you

And nowhere.


I live and die countlessly,

In many moments.

I breathe,

Yet each breath I take

Brings more agony with it.


How beautiful is this agony,

That only knows how to give

And has not yet learnt

How to take.



Beyond reason,

Beyond pain,

Beyond emotion,

And you will find me.


Do not ask me who I am,

I will have no answer for you.

For it is a mystery,

I have yet to solve.


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