I Am The Heart

I am the heart

who has pleaded to God for you,

the hands that have prayed endlessly

for you to finally be mine.

yet even after all this time

you are still not mine

because you are temporary

and we cannot own temporary things.

just like this world is not ours

nor are the things that exist in it

so why do we have the longing to own everything?


I am the heart

who fears the day I will be without you,

the hands that will be left empty

without you.

yet even whilst you are right next to me

I feel your absence

because you cannot fill me.

people were not created to fill each other

so why do we expect them to?


I am the heart

who lives in anguish and joy every day,

the hands that constantly try and fail

to reach out to you.

yet sometimes you are here

and sometimes you fall away

because you want to be free

but we are in the cage of this world

so how can we ever be free?


I am the heart

who is deeply in love with you,

the hands that want to fix all the broken pieces

that lie between us.

because I am fearful of losing you.

what am I to do with all this love?

where am I to keep it?

it is taking over the space of my heart

leaving no room for much else.

take it or leave it

break it or accept it

love it or hate it

give it anguish or joy

but here,

I give you my heart.

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