Lose Yourself in Your Soul

We are so much more than we can imagine yet our small minds do not let us reach the heights that seem like they are out of our reach. We are the product of our surroundings, only believing what is exposed to us and refusing to see what is hidden, beyond the surface of vision.

If we believed in ourselves and others, we could be anything, do anything. The possibilities are endless. Yet we limit ourselves, drawing ourselves back from the endless realm of possibilities. We hold back, never giving, always taking. Completely distant from our souls.

Let us find our soul amongst the depths of the ocean. Let us find each other in imperfection, beyond the land of perfections. In the land of imperfection there is great beauty, none of which we acknowledge because we are so obsessed with this land of perfection.

Everybody is running after this thing they call ‘perfection’ but who is the one to decide what perfection is? It is just another cause of destruction amongst the people of this world. We think we are in constant competition with other people, trying to become all the things we are not.

Let us move away from this destruction. Let us just be.

Let us be human. Yes, sometimes we will do things and then regret them straight after. We will fight against ourselves, waging war with everyone around us. We will make mistakes but it is those same mistakes that open us up to great heights.

If we did not make mistakes, we would not know good from bad. If we did not feel sadness, we would never know happiness. We know things from their opposites. We know of good only because there is bad in this world.

Let us find the good even in what seems bad.

Let us embrace humanity. Humanity is made up of many souls and the soul is at the centre; the thing that has a direct connection to God. The soul is covered by a cloak: the body. All souls are pure therefore when you look at someone, don’t see them for their outward being but rather see their inward state; their soul.

Instead of flirting with the world, become so lost in your soul that all that comes from you is good, even the mistakes you make.

We must try to be good in a world where there is so much evil.

We must find love in a world filled with hatred.

All around us, there is chaos and it is slowly seeping into our hearts. We must see the poison for what it is and stay well away from it.

It takes great strength to choose good instead of evil, especially since everyone seems to be drawn to the dark side. But here, amongst the good, there is light. We may be attracted to the darkness but light always prevails over darkness eventually.

May we all find the strength to see good from evil, light from darkness, love from hatred.

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