Degrees of Love

I have gained your love
and lost my heart in return.
I wandered across many lands
in search of you
and now you are finally mine.
I waged wars against myself and others
just so I could have you.
It is only after the despair of separation
that I now know the sweetness of closeness.
Tell me,
could anyone else love you like this?
I have given way to madness
and lost myself in you.
Without you, oh beloved
I am lost in the oceans
drowning under the waves
not even fighting for air.
I pray that every bad dream
never turns into reality.
You are all that I see
All that I can hear
All that I can feel
All that I can taste
I have filled my senses
with you
and without you
I am senseless,
hysterical like a madwoman
who has lost everything.

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