Bottled Up Inside

A spark of light peaks through, shining blinding light. Whilst parts of her were adorned with light, the rest of her bathes in darkness.

They tell us to ignore all the negative aspects of our lives and focus on the good things, the things that bring us joy but how can we possibly experience the heights of joy without feeling a little pain first?

Sometimes we embrace the things that are not right for us and live our lives the way others want us to, not the way we want to. We keep ourselves bottled up, not letting the world see what we’re going through, not realising that we are leading ourselves to destruction.

We don’t even let ourselves feel, which is heart-breaking. We bottle up everything negative that comes our way and focus on the good things but only until it all comes bursting out, leaving chaos all around us. We become oblivious to the repercussions of not feeling and repeat the same cycle again and again.

The more you run away from pain, the more pain you feel. If you just sit there and let it wash over you, breathe it in and then breathe it back out, you will find some peace starting to seep in.

A line from Hafez springs to mind:


“An awake heart is

Like a sky that pours light.”

– Hafez


We must be awake, instead of sleeping. We must be beacons of light, instead of shadows of darkness. We must find our way.

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