Dancing In The Rain

A cloud of grey floats above me

As I carry myself across the plains

Of so many emotions

Stumbling over each bump

Searching for the only one I can call home.

I am falling into helplessness

As I reach your arms

I drag my broken soul towards you

Completely powerless in your presence

Hoping you will hold me as if I am yours

But there are still so many oceans between us.

I am drowning in my love for you

Whilst you are loitering across the surface of the water

Afraid to experience the beauty of drowning.

I am stretching the lines of my destiny

To fill them with you

Whilst you cut the rope that binds us together.

Your silence is destroying me

Its darkness penetrating my heart

Yet I am still standing here

Waiting for you to see what I can see.

I found you in between the bridge

Of realities and dreams

But these dreams and realities have broken my heart,

Etched in my hands is the pain of separation.

A storm rages against the sky

And falls from my eyes.

I am dancing in the rain

Of my own tears.

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