Open The Wings of Your Heart

I know that you are broken

but you must open your heart

to the pain that takes you to God.

if you look to the sky

you will see the birds flying,

are they going in one direction?

in the same way,

you cannot see where your wings

are taking you.


I know that you are held captive

by the anguish that runs in your veins

but you must forgive and forget

for the world continues to go on without you.

if you can find it in yourself

to pick up all the pieces,

you will find yourself once again.


he has broken you

slandered you

told everyone his spiteful lies

making them point their fingers towards you

but they cannot see

that only one finger is pointing towards you,

the other three,

they are pointing towards themselves.


they refuse to see their own faults

but in the Court of God

they will be asked.

they have forgotten that

they will have to answer to God.

they are only concerned with answering this world.

they have forgotten that

this is not our resting place.

we have yet to reach God.


lay your head on me

I know you’re hurting

but even this pain is temporary.

it approaches and returns like waves on the shore

don’t let it drown you

for you will find yourself trapped in this world.

open the wings of your heart

and fly towards God.








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