Don’t Let Them Tell You How To Love

their words

slice through me.

I am a figure

with open wounds.

bathing in

a dark place.

because of

their words.

Many of us live in a society where we are told how we should express our love, whether it is romantic, maternal or otherwise. We are told that we should give red roses; showering our partners with dreamy words, money and the luxuries of this world. We are told that we should give them our time, our love, our affection; basically our everything and hope for the best in return. We are told that we should do this and we should say that, ultimately telling us that if we are not doing this and saying that then we are loving in the wrong way.

I cannot live without

you telling me

you love me.

Is there a wrong way to love? Or is it our perception of love that is warped? Are we living in a world where everybody is the same or is everybody different? If we are all the same then yes, we should probably all love the same but we are not. We are different. Each one of us holding a precious place and purpose in this world. So why are we all told the same love stories and taught how to love in the same way?

it was the love stories

the hate stories

the parent stories

the sibling stories

the people stories

they told her

how to



The sweetness of love is not determined by the amount of red roses you get nor by how much is spent on you; time or money. Love is a timeless, unselfish emotion that has been turned into this emotion that constantly screams, “SHOW ME”. We need continuous reassurance of this thing we call love. We need to know that we mean something to someone. We need their time, their attention, their love. We need this and we need that. Need. Need. Need. Is it love? Or is it need?

you love me.

so give me all of you.

I need you

to show me

your love.

Maybe we have turned love into need and forgotten that love is not just for the taking, it is the giving too. It is mostly the giving.

the birds of sorrow

fly away

when you give

someone else


the birds of pain

fly away

when you give

someone else

the pleasure of joy.

We want so much but we are so afraid to give. We fear being left but we don’t mind leaving. We don’t want anything for others but we want everything for ourselves. Need teaches us to be selfish but love teaches us to be selfless. To give everything that we have to give and be grateful for what we are given.

in return of your pain,

I will

give you all

the happiness

I possess.

There is no wrong way to love but there is a right way and that is; your way. We are not all able to give. We are not all able to take. We are all living with our own beauties, our own flaws which makes our love different from everyone else. If your love includes need then so be it and if your love is with distance then that is okay too because it’s yours. It’s yours to give. It’s your way of loving. So love, be loved and give love.

I give you

my love.

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