His Signs: The Sunrise

In the bedroom

Her eyes flutter open as she reaches for the clock on her bedside drawer to see what the time is. The clock says:

05:05 am

She sits up in her bed and rubs her eyes before getting up and walking over to Aram’s side to wake him up for prayer. She shakes him a little bit and he murmurs a “yeah” to which she replies with another shake until he opens his eyes and says,

“I’m awake”

She walks away content with the knowledge that he is awake and goes to the bathroom to do her Wudhu.


Aliza walks back into the room and finds Aram softly snoring again so she walks towards him but he opens his eyes before she reaches him and says,

“I’m awake”

He then shoots out of bed to go to the bathroom.

She positions their prayer mats towards the Qibla and sits on one of them with her Subhah (prayer beads) and reads on them. Aram comes back and they face the Qibla and pray together.

“Allahu Akbar”

(God is the Greatest)


Aliza sits by her window and watches the sky change colours as the sun creeps up into the sky. She wonders about all those people who never feel the peace that the sky can bring to their souls. For people pray for peace but they don’t realise that the peace that they are asking for is all around them and within them. It is just being drowned out by all the chaos of the world.

She truly believed that the sky is coloured with love and removes all the darkness that fills our hearts. She watches Aram sleeping so peacefully and thinks about the peace and light that he has brought to her life. She overcame so many obstacles to finally reach him, to finally be with him in a way that was pleasing to God. She tried to save both of them from moving far away from God but there were many people who became obstacles in their path, unintentionally. Only with the guidance of God were they finally able to become the coolness of each other’s eyes.

The sky has changed from blue and purple to red, orange and pink by the time Aliza looks out of the window again. Aliza’s thoughts drift to all those whose hearts are torn apart in anguish and despair. She can almost hear their silent cries in the stillness of the air at sunrise. The soft cries of all those who have lost themselves. She wishes she could comfort them, all the people who were watching the sunrise with her, unknowingly. She hopes that they find the peace that they are looking for, within themselves.

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