His Signs: The Sunset

Aliza sits on the red rug in her bedroom and stares at the envelope in front of her. She trails her fingers lightly across the edges of the envelope and turns it around. She opens the flap and reaches inside to discover what is hidden in it. She pulls out a folded white paper with black swirls in every corner and her name written in the middle. She unfolds the paper and reads;

“Amongst the many fields of love lies a heart filled with all the hues of the sunset.”

She did not know where these letters came from nor who had written them but each one pierced through her heart. It was almost as if someone had reached into the depths of her soul. She places the letter back into the envelope and puts it into the box which holds many others similar to it.

In the living room

Asher is lying on the sofa with his head in Aliza’s lap as she trails her fingers through his curly hair.

“Mama, what are we going to do today?”

“We are going to watch the sunset from the terrace, baby”

“Ok, let me go and tell baba.”

He jumps off the sofa and off Aliza’s lap and rushes to find his baba.

On the terrace

The three of them stand side by side on the terrace with Asher in the middle of his parents. They gaze up at the sky as it is filled with hues of yellow, orange, pink and blue. The colours reflecting in their eyes.

Aliza’s eyes were content with the sight in front of her. She was enraptured by the colours of the sky whilst Aram was gazing at his wife knowing that she wouldn’t notice him. He loved watching her at times like this when she was completely in awe of the sky. This was how she always reacted to the colours of the sky. Sometimes she would watch him in the same way.

Aram’s thoughts are interrupted by the excited young man standing beside him who was bouncing on his toes with enthusiasm.

“I love watching the sunset!”

Aliza distractedly replies to Asher.

“Me too.”

“I want to take a picture.”

Asher grabs his mama’s phone out of her hands and starts clicking photos and shows his baba, knowing not to interrupt his mama when she was deep in her thoughts. Aram looks at the photos and then at the sky and says,

“The sunset looks so much better in real life than in photos.”

Aliza breaks out of her trance and replies,

“There is not a camera in the world that is better than the eyes that we see reality with as what we can see with these eyes will never compare to what we capture with the lens of a camera. This is because beauty is recognised through our hearts before it reaches our eyes. It is only through our heart and our eyes that Allah colours our black and white world with the hues of the sky.”

Aram reached out for his wife and holds her as Asher is still taking photos. He thought about what she had just said and then answers,

“You’re right. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If we did not see with our hearts, we would probably never know what beauty is. For beauty is not the artificial kind that we know of but it is in the state of our hearts. We are only able to see beauty when our hearts are clean and void of any dirt. That is how I know that your heart is pure Aliza, because of the way you view the beauty of this world.”

“The only way that I can see the beauty of this world is because I have you and Asher. For you both are my treasures and when you possess such precious people, beauty naturally finds its way to you.”

Asher suddenly shouts,

“I’m going to my room now mama, I want to play.”

“Ok, baby”

They both watch as he rushes off into the house leaving Aliza and Aram wrapped up in each other as Aliza wonders how she got so lucky. Maybe it had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with destiny for wasn’t it Allah who opened the doors of happiness into her life? It was only after she met Aram that she realised how to be content. He taught her everything she knew yet he didn’t even know it.

“I love you.”

Aram says what Aliza was just going to say which seemed to happen a lot. It was as if he knew what she was going to say even before she did. Aliza replies,

“I love you too.”

They both stand together for a few more minutes watching the colours of the sunset disperse across the sky and the only colours that remain were different shades of blue and some yellow.

Aliza breaks the silence,

“I think there is serenity hidden in the sunset because you know that no matter what happens, every day is going to end with the sun setting. This certainty is something which, as humans we don’t have about anything else so it is important that we find certainty in the things that Allah has created as a sign for us so that we can reflect on them.”

“Serenity can be found in any place if you look for it with the right heart and eyes. Sometimes we pray for peace but we don’t realise that it is within us and exists within our hearts. It is just being drowned out by all the chaos of the world that we let into our hearts.”

“I wonder why we let so much of the chaos of the world seep into our hearts and then we search everywhere for any semblance of peace not knowing that we are the ones who have destroyed the peace that lives within us.”

Asher stands in the doorway of the terrace, watching his parents. He had come back upstairs so that he could return his mama’s phone but stopped when he saw that they were in a deep conversation. Since he still has his mama’s phone, he takes a photo of them. A photo where Asher and Aliza are facing each other, gazing into each other’s eyes with Aliza in Asher’s arms.

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