His Signs: The Stars

She rushed home to her husband Aram, emitting rays of her exuberance. She was so lost in her excitement that she failed to notice the withered plants that lay in her front garden. She hurried past them and opened her front door entering at the same time as her son Asher who slammed into his mother and screamed,


His mother stopped, bent down and instantly started searching for where her son was hurt. He shouted in his eight-year old impatience,

“I’m ok, mama!”

His mama continued her search and when she couldn’t find anything she finally stopped to Asher’s relief.

“Where’s baba?”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Aram yelled from the kitchen,

“Aliza, I’m in here.”

She dashed to the kitchen with Asher trailing behind her to find Aram preparing dinner and announced,

“We are going to lie on the grass after dinner and watch the stars!”

Aram looked at his wife, saw how serious she was and replied,


Asher jumped up and down in excitement, always on board with his mama’s plans and shrieked,


They all sat for dinner after Aliza set the table and told each other stories about how their day went.

After Dinner

The three of them lay side by side on the grass gazing up at the stars that filled the dark expanse of the sky.

“What do you think is the purpose of the moon and the stars?”

Aliza was the one to break the luxury of silence. Aram looked towards her and answered

“Only God knows”

Aliza slapped his shoulder playfully and said

“I know that but we can at least attempt to understand the purpose behind things. If we do not apprehend, how will we ever know?”

This was always Aliza’s reply to Aram’s answer.

Asher interrupted their argument knowing where it would end up by proclaiming,

“The stars are in the sky as a light and the moon is an even bigger ball of light in the dark sky giving all the darkness in the world, some light.”

Aliza gazed at her son and pondered how he came up with such thoughts in his little eight-year old brain. She often contemplated on his wisdom at such a young age and hoped that he would never lose it.

Aram watched his wife gaze at their son and realised that they were both the light in his sky. Without them, he would probably never know the true meaning or purpose of light.

“Baba, do you think I’m right?”

Asher was oblivious to the looks on his mama and baba’s faces and continued to stare at the sky. Aram stopped staring at his wife and child and looked up at the sky before replying to his son,

“Yes, the stars and moon are our light in darkness, just like when you switch the light on in the house, the room is filled with light, and similarly the stars and moon are switched on at night so that we may find some light in the dark sky. And it is this light that gives us a sign towards our Creator, towards God.”

They all lay there for a few minutes in silence, just gazing up at the night sky in meditation before Aliza spoke,

“Do you think the stars have healing powers? Because when I look up at them I feel a sense of peace that washes over me as if the stars are a sign towards the existence of a Creator. For surely peace comes only with Him.”

“I think it is one of the signs of God and just as the stars light up the sky, God elucidates our hearts. Do you not think that when you switch your heart on, it is also filled with light?”

“It is only when you start to look deeply into the confines in your heart that you find the light and darkness that hides within you but when you truly turn your heart towards God, that is when the light enters you.”

Asher heeded to his parents talk about light and darkness and continued to listen until he fell asleep and dreamt about his mama and baba plucking out the stars from the sky and handing them to him knowing, even in his dreams that his parents would go to such lengths for him.

Aliza felt her son sleeping and decided that it was time to go back into the house so she could put Asher into his bed where he would be able to dream comfortably.

“Aram, Asher’s sleeping.”

Aram picked his son up from the ground and puts him in his arms before getting up off the grass,

“Come on, let’s go inside.”

They both get up and make their way into the house.

In Aram and Aliza’s bedroom.

They are sitting on their bed side by side, Aram playing games on his phone whilst Aliza tries to search for the Ayah in her translation of the Quran where Allah talks about the stars, knowing she had come across it when she had read it previously.

“Found it! Aram, listen.”

She shakes her husband when he refuses to let go of his phone and he immediately turns his phone off.

“So, in Surah Al-An’Am which is the 6th Surah, on Ayah 97 it says, ‘He it is who has set out for you the stars that you may guide your course by them amid the darkness of the land and sea’ (6:97). What do you think this means?”

“It could mean that even if there was no other light in this world except the stars, it would be sufficient for us since there are no other lights mentioned except the stars meaning we are not really in need of the light on the ground.”

“Maybe the stars are a metaphor for people, you know like those people who bring light into your heart, whose light you are guided by amid the darkness that also lies in your heart, that is caused by this world.”

She leaves Aram to think about this whilst she searches for another Ayah that talks about the stars in the Quran. She flips through the book and finds another one.

“There’s another one in Surah An-Nahl which is the 16th Surah, on Ayah 16 which says, ‘And by the stars, they find a way’ (16:16).”

They both muse on this Ayah for a moment before Aliza speaks again,

“Could it be that the stars are leading us somewhere, possibly directly to God? So if we find the way of the stars, we could find God.”

“Yeah, it is just like fixing the pieces of a puzzle. If you think of the stars as a puzzle, once you have solved the puzzle, you have found the way. So if you carry on, on the way of the stars eventually you will reach clarity which in turn means you will find God.”

They both discussed the two Ayah’s until they fell asleep. A sleep filled with dreams of the stars, moon and the light of the heart. For when you contemplate on the Ayah (Signs) of the Quran, the heart is filled with light.

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