A Love Story

Oh lover, make me yours,

If possible, paint my world with your love.

Bring forth your hand

And take me somewhere far away from this darkness

That has been living inside me

For years. As if I was born with it.

Listen to this heart

That yearns for her beloved,

To be eternally bound to him.

The wind touches my face

Raining feather-light kisses across my body

A body that has borne entities of love.

I wish to drown in your love

Oh treasured one, show me the essence of love,

Arrange a meeting with the colours

That you have not felt yet.

My heart lies on this fragile land

Of nightfall.

The stars do not shed their light here,

But you, my love, have showered your light

Across my sky

Displaying the beauty that exists within.

For it is in your heart that I live,

You have given this wandering soul

A resting place,

A home.

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